We firmly believe that every client relationship is long-term. We have continual programs aimed to minimize cultural &psychological barriers between our associates & customers.

This combined with our dynamic skill ensures you have competent personnel comfortably in your organization’s work environment.

The following are our clients within the region outlining the services they are currently enjoying from Onsite:

Osho Chemicals Limited

  • Supplies of Computer Equipments
  • Supply & Maintenance of IT Equipments
  • Hardware Support & Servicing
  • Networking & Cabling

TATA Africa Motors

  • Supply & Maintenance of IT Equipments
  • Supply of Computer Equipments
  • Hardware support and Servicing
  • IT Support Staffing
  • Networking & Cabling


  • Supplies of Computers Equipments
  • Supply & maintenance of IT Equipments
  • Hardware Support & Servicing
  • System Maintenance
  • Networking and Cabling
  • IT Support Staffing

Central Glass Industries Ltd

  • Repairs & maintenance of logic control Boards
  • Generator set charges
  • Supplies of Computers & other Equipments


We recognize that it may not be possible to offer all specialized I.T. Skills in-house, so in case of any assignment which may entail contributions for specialized skills which may not be available within our company, we as Onsite Systems have taken the necessary step to ensure support will be given through a partnership approach from our associates and sister companies. They include: